Interdependence, sharing a common goal -- patient/customer -centric:


Rae Parth, Chief Technology Officer

Rae came to work for PreEmptive Meds, Inc in April of 2009 with ideas and technology experience from RPAXIS.COM, Inc, where he has served as principal since 2004. RP AXIS has been creating dynamic websites powered by open-source frameworks and databases for the past 7 years. Rae is a “hands on” technology officer who has the ability to lead a team of developers as well as roll up his sleeves and develop and maintain systems with very limited external help. Rae has been responsible for developing the commerce and customer relationship management applications for PMEDS as well as the E-Commerce shopping cart on His role includes developing the underlying technology, including software development, architectural design, automated testing, systems installation and administration, and database design and administration.

Stephanie Schippe,  Director- Customer Service

Stephanie has 19 years of hands on patient care in the medical field. Her philosophy is “The natural approach is the best place to start”. Eating right, exercising and healthy living are the priorities she enjoys with her family.

Stephanie had chosen to bring her care for the patient’s interest to PreEmptive Meds as a way of blending her personal beliefs with her professional work ethic. Thus, creating a customer service department that serves to make things work in a healthy manner.

Jennifer Britton, Manager- Customer Service

Jennifer has over 14 years of customer service experience in the retail industry, prior to joining PMEDS. Jennifer enjoys interacting and helping people. Her goal is to provide outstanding customer service and be proactive in solving customer problems.

Pradeep Agarwal , Director-Finance & Accounting

Pradeep has extensive experience in tax and accounting. Pradeep's counsel has proven instrumental to the success of many companies and he and his team are responsible for all accounting, payroll and tax related issues for the Company.

Pradeep is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). A graduate of Baruch College, Pradeep holds a Business Administration degree in Accounting. He has completed postgraduate courses in taxation.

Sangita Shah, Manager-Finance & Accounting

Sangita is responsible for day-to-day accounting, payroll functions, inventory records and other general administration functions. Prior to PMEDS, she has had extensive experience in accounting and general finance roles with technology companies in India and the US. She has a Masters in Business Administration and had trained extensively in Quick Books.

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